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What Our Patients Have to Say

"I am so grateful to have had Kristen as my Physical Therapist. I was referred to CBPT due to a torn labrum, which surgery was very likely for, along with a torn meniscus. Surgery was avoided due to Kristen's expertise, guidance, and compassion. I have fully recovered and I am now back in the water surfing!" 

                                                                                                                                - David B. 


David Bieniek Patient Testimonial.jpg

"Jessica got my shoulder working again! She systematically worked through strengthening, dry needling, and soft tissue massage. She knows her trade very well. I would definitely recommend." 

 - Chris M. 


Chris McWilton.jpg

"After having shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum, I worked with Mark to get me back to my very active lifestyle. I had a few hurdles along the way with frozen shoulder, resulting in discomfort in my neck. Mark worked diligently and patiently to get range of motion back in my shoulder while working through my pain. There were moments of frustration for me that were made MUCH easier because of his expertise and knowledge, and I am extremely grateful to him for getting me back to where I want to be physically. As far as I am concerned, there is no other PT practice in town that can measure up!" 

                                                                                                                                                                 - Lisa D. 

Lisa Dilworth Patient Testimonial_edited.jpg

"Coltman & Baughman provides personalized care with care. My experience with Lauren was very positive as she guided me and encouraged me through my exercises. I am much better now thanks to Coltman & Baughman and Lauren."
 - Mark W. 


Mark Weiner Patient Testimonial Photo.jpg

"There are not enough superlatives to describe the care I have received at Coltman and Baughman. I have had the need to receive therapy on different occasions, first after  Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff surgery, and now for a Hip Replacement.  I have chosen to keep going back C&B because their professionalism, service, and care they provide. The second I walk in the door I can tell they really care, from the team in the reception area, to the PT I have been fortunate enough to have care for me, Jessica Clancey Sodini (Jess).  Jess has tailored programs that have assisted me in getting back to full strength, by listening to my needs, and more importantly, caring that my goals are met. I cannot believe that just 3 weeks after hip replacement surgery that I am walking with no pain, and I continue to gain strength in my hip and legs, this is primarily because of Jess. She’s amazing! Thank you for everything." 

- Kevin H. 

K. Hanney PT Testimonial Photo.JPG

"Injuries are never fun and often scary, but the healing process was quick, stress free and educational with Kristen as my Physical Therapist. She was able to assess my injury and gave me a treatment plan that worked with my busy lifestyle. I am now healthy and back to training for the 2021 triathlon season."

- Jasmin H. 

J. Hills.jpg

"I was one month out from having surgery on my shoulder when I decided to make a last ditch effort to try physical therapy with Rob after a neighbor recommended him. After failed physical therapy with a different rehabilitation center, I felt defeated and that surgery was my only path forward to getting better. My doctor told me I would be out of the gym for roughly 9-12 months after surgery. Within 30 days of working with Rob, I was able to gain 30% more range of motion and my pain subsided (thankfully).  I had made such great progress that my doctor said surgery would no longer be required. What I appreciate most about Coltman and Baughman is that they truly do live up to their core values.  They provide excellent service from the first encounter.  They genuinely do care about me as an individual and show compassion for my personal journey. They offer the type of integrity everyone looks for when going through physical therapy." 


                                                                                                                                          - Amy W. 

A. Woodham Photo.png

"I worked with Jessica at C&B PT on two occasions. One: I had surgery on my hip, which required 2 sessions/week for 16 weeks. Prior to this, I couldn’t run because I was in so much pain. Happy to report that I am back to running and MUCH faster than I used to be! Two: sports injury in my upper neck/shoulder, which required 2 sessions/week for 4 weeks. That pain has been reduced significantly as a result of my sessions with Jess. All in all, I really enjoyed working with Jess. She is professional and entertaining, and each sessions was pleasant; no deeps sweats, grunting, and pain like you see in the movies. Jess was great at building my sessions around my needs and our ultimate goal was to avoid any pain, which we accomplished. I find her ability to timely respond to messages outside of PT helpful, too. My experience was so great, I will not see anyone outside of C&B."

                                                                                                                                    - Jason F. 

J. Fuchs Photo.jpg

“I am a physician, and I am old.  I have been to Physical therapists in the past for injuries and for previous surgery. I am being treated by Jessica Sodini now post-op for rotator cuff surgery, which is complicated by cervical spine problems from previous injury. She is the best Physical therapist I have ever had. She had developed new programs when ones don`t work because this is complicated.  She is patient and does not give up. She gives explanations which I understand and explains why she does what she does. This is important to me.  Everyone at Coltman and Baughman has been extremely pleasant and helpful. The facility is spotless. If patients ask me where to go for Physical Therapy, I say Coltman and Baughman.”

                                                                                                                        - Sally Z. Monroe, MD

S. Monroe PT Testimonial Photo.jpg

“Mark Baughman has helped me tremendously with a hip issue which has bothered me for years. He is extremely knowledgeable, careful, and respectful. The doctors at The Mayo Clinic even recommend him! I am so impressed with this physical therapy office in every way. I recommend Coltman and Baughman Physical Therapy with out reserve!”

- Buffy M.

PHD in Exercise Science 


B. Maetozo PT Testimonial Photo.jpg
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